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Welcome to GL-Software

Our main focus is based around making software for the financial (forex) market. Just a little part of this is our own product offered here on this web site; -the very good and reliable GLS-StarTrend financial multitrend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform.

We also do all kinds of software development and nice web designs. Our new web pages you are looking at now is just one example of some of the things we can do with web layouts & design.

The products mentioned above,
GLS-StarTrend and GLS-SilverTrend are in daily use, trading our own real money forex account
In our new
blog there will be added forex related articles like how to.. articles, forex news, forex tips and forex reviews over time.

GLS-StarTrend Design Notes. * * * Version 2.02 is now released * * *

GL-Software gives away a new & enhanced
f†r†e†e SilverTrend Indicator.

The GLS-SilverTrend is a rewritten indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This indicator works identical to itís original, but with some built in great enhancements.

In order for you to get the F†r†e†e SilverTrend Indicator, you must sign up as a subscriber to our no-nonsense e-mail list.

You will then be added to our e-mail subscription list and will also be granted access to a complete install file for the GLS-SilverTrend indicator which includes a 15 page pdf manual and the following configurable features:

Sound Alerts with different spoken sound messages for Long and Short signals. These sounds can be turned on or off. or your can instead choose between this spoken sound alert or a Popup window (with bell sound) - or both alerts off. E-Mail Alerts which can be turned on or off. Choose between delayed alerts only when the current bar is closed and a new bar is opened, -or immediately on the current bar. Delayed alerts can be very useful when you want to avoid the whipsaws this indicator sometimes can give on the current bar, when the market is undecided.

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Have questions? Need help?
We would be glad to help you; simply contact us via our web site, or contact us via e-mail to: or:, but be sure to visit our site often to see what's new.

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